Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I receive updates for a website in a number of ways. Sometimes by a reader, or by someone close to a case, but most often I update a site by what I find in court records and interviews by the parties involved. I also try and back up every piece of information that I receive with proof before I publish. I was looking for an update on Victor Matthew Amaya, and I came across this site in find a grave. However, I could not find proof that this death had occurred. I was able to finally make contact with someone who knew Victor, and he put me in touch directly with Victor's cell phone. I stunned him when I asked if Victor Matthew Amaya was still living. Someone has gone to great lengths to post that he was dead. The entry was made in 2000, and then there is a follow up in 2001. The names of his children and his birth date are correct. But the entry is bogus. Glen Haven Memorial Park does not have a listing for this person. They do not even list the lots in the way featured above.
The interview with Victor will be posted soon.